Untitled – 52

When that third night she woke up on the exact same place, she was done and ready to go back home. Before she left, Jonas wanted to see where the spot was that she kept returning to. They drove around the lake until they found that cabin near where she would awake. Jonas insisted on peaking into the cabin to see if there was anything strange about it. The inside looked normal with common furnishings and nothing out of the norm. Kitty took them to the spot where she would awake. After walking around and investigating the place they couldn’t find anything odd about it. Just a normal forest setting.

“You can see my cabin from across the lake her,” Jonas pointed out while pointing in that direction. Other than being directly across the lake, there was not anything out of place about that spot and Jonas took her back to the cabin where they said their good-byes.

Her drive back was spent in deep contemplation, frustrated with the lack of normalcy these teleportation events left her with. Through that drive she resolved to study the incidents in hopes she could get a glimmer of understanding for why it was happening.

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