Untitled – 53

The events slowed for a period after she left the lake house. When she returned to her apartment she created a map to mark out all the locations of where she would awake. Her drinking and partying also dropped off to a nearly non-existent point. The frustration of not understanding what was happening to her caused her to push all her focus and effort into solving the problem. Her friends called often at first, but that also disapeared after repeated occasions of her declining their invitations. After a few weeks of tracking she found the places she ended up not being more than a mile and a half radius from where she slept. Her newly sedentary lifestyle proved useful in the tracking to have the same place she spent each night at. She felt confident now that she wouldn’t end up too far from home, in another city or country or in the middle of the ocean. But what worried her most was if she would someday wake up in someone else’s apartment. For the most part, she would end up in public places, hallways, alleys, etc. But if she woke up once in a jail cell, surely she could wake up anywhere. She worried that soon she might end up behind bars agian but this time for tresspassing or breaking and entering against her wishes. So it was that she worked tirelessly to try and solve the problem of stopping those incidents.

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