Untitled – 51

“Late night stroll?” Jonas asked as she walked in the cabin. Kitty’s feet and pajama pant legs were caked in mud that she tracked inside and she promised to clean it up later. She did her best to explain to Jonas what happened. He still thought it sounded like she had a bad case of sleep walking. She wished it was that simple but knew it wasn’t so. When she got back it was past five in the morning and the two of them opted to remain awake and make breakfast.

That day they spent swimming and playing in the lake. Jonas also read for a few hours on the shore while Kitty cuaght up on the rest she missed while tanning in the sun. That night they warmed each other on the sofa and warmed themselves with drinks. Jonas rattled on about problems he wished he could solve at work while Kitty’s mind floated elsewhere. Later she woke up again in the woods, at the very spot she was the night before. This time she was stark naked, having fallen asleep before remembering to dress and have keys on her. She was cold and frustrated that that kept happening to her, but thankfully she knew her way back. She walked briskly in the cold night, her arms hugging herself, her teeth chattering, and her hairs standing on end. When she got back to the cabin, she washed her feet in the tub and climbed back into bed, all without Jonas noticing.

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