Untitled – 50

It was dark and quiet in the woods. A thin layer of dew encapsulated the cold earth. Kitty sat on the damp ground and tried not to panic. Looking around, she could see the faint orange glow of sodium vapor lamps from a few cabins on the hill side, the lights from those cabins also shone as a speckled reflection across the lake surface. Near her she spotted a cabin that looked to be unoccupied, though she wouldn’t dare knock on the door of it at such an hour. She decided to avoid the cabin altogether. The best plan of action she came to was to walk down to the lake and follow the perimeter until she found Jonas’ cabin.

Her bare feet left their path in the damp sand of the lake’s edge. The water was glassy and dark. It left Kitty with an eerie feeling which the blackness of water and the uncertainty of what lays beneath is wont to do. While walking along she felt her key chain in her pocket, having slept with them out of habit now. She realized after some time that she could press the lock button on her car keys to trigger a honk and help find her way. Soon she heard a muffled honk and saw flashing yellow lights, and she knew which cabin it was.

Jonas must have woken with the honk. He was waiting on the porch to greet her when she returned.

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