Untitled – 49

“Any luck?” she asked when she got down to the lake.

“A skunk of a day,” Jonas said, all while keeping his eyes on the line. Kitty sat with him at the water’s edge, silently watching the boaters and water skiers off in the distance. As the sun was getting low and its reflection disapeared from the water surface, Jonas said he was hungry, so they packed things up and went back up to the cabin.

Jonas gave Kitty a quick tour of the small home and heated up a simple dinner for them. “What do you do up here for months on end?” Kitty asked at one point in the night.

“Not much of anything, really. I’ll read, fish, swim, nap. That’s about it.”

“God I’d get bored,” Kitty said.

Jonas chuckled. “You’d be surprised at how fast the time goes doing nothing, or maybe you wouldn’t since thats what you are already doing with your life,” he prodded her in hopes to get a rise but only received a smug frown. “Like that, I am back at work,” he continued with a snap of his fingers. “You’d also be surprised how for me, months of doing nothing sets me up for a very productive nine other months.”

“Yeah, well, at least you can drink.” Kitty walked to the kitchen where Jonas had a small assortment of liquour and proceeded to mix a gin and tonic. They drank through that night, chatting on the couch and joking with eachother. Later was when the first of a few teleportation events would occur that weekend. These were slightly different than the previous ones as she woke up at the same spot each time. That night, she woke up in the middle of the forest, with no idea where she was.

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