Untitled – 48

The drive out to the lake house was scenic to say the least. The road weaved in and around mountains through dense pine and aspen forests. It passed by cascading hillsides with natrual snow-melt water falls pouring out from the rock faces and forming creeks down by the road. Kitty had to stop her car completely once and patiently wait for long horned rams to cross in front of her. The rams weren’t the only difficulty in getting up to the lake hosue.

When Jonas first handed her the detailed directions she almost laughed. It was always something the older generations did, when all she needed was the address to map her directions using GPS. The further she got into the mountains though, the less useful the GPS became, making mistakes and telling her to make turns that would have taken her off a cliff. So, she began to rely more and more on those written, detailed directions.

When she finally arrived she saw a little, old cabin that was a complete contrast to Jonas’ apartment. The cabin wasn’t much to boast about. It had enough space for a couple people and it looked to be in need of some serious repairs and maintenance. The wrap around porch though was the shining star of the whole place with extraordinary views out to the lake. Kitty knocked on the door with no response, so she walked around the porch. Looking down towards the lake, Kitty found Jonas down by the water.

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