Untitled – 47

In that loft space Jonas had a wet bar they drank freely from, under the light of the moon and the watchful hands of time. Though, time soon broke from its known principles, as it tends to when alcohol is near, and Kitty woke again in her own bed without memory of where the night went. Jonas texted her that morning saying he didn’t really understand what was so important that she had to rush from his home without her clothes. Kitty apologized, saying she didn’t remember leaving and that she would get the clothes the next time she saw him.

They did see each other a few more times that next week and a few more the following week, until it felt they were moving along at a pace that could be considered dating.

The teleportation events slowed those following weeks with only one instance when she woke up in her own bathroom and another case when she woke up in her hallway again. The time that she woke up in her hallway, she had a visitor knocking on the door shortly after she reentered her apartment. Jonas was standing in the hallway, dressed for work, holding a piece of paper. “How did you know where I lived?” Kitty asked, certain she had never told him before. Jonas only smiled and asked if he could come in. Her apartment was a nicely updated one bedroom on the middle level of an uptown mid-rise. The inside was kept dark and shut up and was relatively messy with clothes strewed about and dishes left in the sink. Jonas took a seat on top of some clothes on her couch adjacent to a bookshelf filed with seemingly unrelated items. “What’s all this?” he asked her, referring to the bookshelf.

“It’s my collection,” she responded vaguely.

Jonas nodded and got to the point of his visit. “I am about to leave this weekend for a few months. Every summer I get a cabin on a lake where I am disconnected from work, calls, emails, everything. It helps me to reset and continue being the incredible human being I am,” he explained while wearing a proud grin. “I will be out of service and won’t be able to text or call you while I am out there. But, I’d like for you to come visit. At least for a weekend .” He hander her the piece of paper, “This is the address and detailed directions to the lake house. Can I expect to see you soon?”

Kitty looked at the address on the paper, her head still occupied that cloud space that comes with recently waking. “Yeah, I’ll come up to see you sometime.” With the affirmation, Jonas told her he was looking forward to seeing her, gave her a hug and kiss goodbye and left for work.

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