Untitled – 45

The attorney made quick work of the police station. When it was clear the officers had no documentation on Kitty, the threats to litigate for unlawful imprisonment amongst other things were loudly proclaimed. With the threats, the keys to the cell quickly followed.

Outside of the police station and on the drive to her apartment, the attorney spoke to Kitty and tried to convince her to pursue a suit against the police department. He explained what a simple clear cut case it would be. Kitty, though had no interest in spending any more time with attorneys or in courts and she declined to press charges. She knew her father would call to try and convince her to take on the lawsuit, which he did while she was napping that afternoon.

The events of the week left her a bit shaken up. She was in no state to go see someone she may be interested in that evening. Instead, that night called for pure obliteration with her friends.

Thankfully she woke up normally the next day in her own bed with the usual weekend headache. When she regained enough of her sanity she texted Jonas to appologize and ask for a chance to explain things. He told her that he typically isn’t one to hand out second chances but was going to make an exception. He invited her to meet up that night, just the two of them this time. She accepted.

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