Untitled – 44

The officer returned a short while later and called Kitty to the cell door. “It turns out I can’t find a case file on you anywhere,” the officer told her, “I’ll need you to sit tight while we sort things out.”

“What do you mean you don’t have a file on me?” Kitty asked. “Why am I here?”

“We will get it sorted,” she said. “Just hold tight.”

The officer spent much of that morning conferring with her superiors and working to figure out what to do. Clearly the department wanted to cover themeselves from any error they may have made and they worked to figure out what to do with Kitty.

Kitty was growing impatient in that dank and odorous cell. She finally realized she should be allowed a phone call, which she asked for. The officer couldn’t refuse though it was clear the call worried the officer and she was afraid things were going to blow up in her face. Kitty’s call was made to her father, the only number she had memorized. Her father listened silently while Kitty explained the situation. He thoughtfully took in the news and only said “I’ll send a lawyer right away.”

“Right away” turned out to be the next morning. Kitty spent the night in the cell trying to sleep in hopes she would wake up somewhere else. Instead she woke up to commotion coming from out in the police station bullpen. The attorney finally arrived that Friday morning.

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